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About Our Company

SmartMech Corporation

SmartMech Corporation is a dynamic company that has independently developed the Route Management System and technology for the Coin OP Industry.  It is the intent of SmartMech Corporation to offer the technology to all Coin Mechanism Manufacturers and OEM's around the world.  

Featured Customers

Beaver Vending Beaver Machine Corporation will be offering SmartMech Technology embedded in their industry-leading coin mechanisms.

Bernie Schwarzli, President of Beaver Machine Corporation, states, "The SMARTMECH® philosophy and brand characteristics are consistent with those of the Beaver® Brand. Their forward thinking mentality has helped to epitomize the progressive nature that Beaver® has always demonstated in our products. We are excited to be the first OEM to incorporate the SMARTMECH® Technology and we firmly believe that it will revolutionize the Industry."


Rackspace Rackspace provides dedicated, managed, fault-tolerant compliant web hosting for SmartMech with their "Zero-Downtime Network".

Sybase iAnywhere (a Sybase company) helps provide data storage and transfer technology for SmartMech.