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SmartMech      Transaction Logging
  • Date & Time stamped (hour/day) logging of transactions.
  • Embedded and retrofit configurations.
  • Tamper-proof - technology embedded and sealed.
  • Encrypted data.
  • Transaction data only retrievable by authorized personnel.
  • Anticipated life expectancy of 5 years or 250,000 vends.
SmartMech      Transaction Collection
  • Industry standard PDA.
  • IrDA data retrieval from coin mechanism.
  • Cellular network transmission of transaction data to central server.
  • Stored route information.
SmartMech      Transaction Storage
  • Full audit control.
  • Centrally managed and secure server.
  • Extensive user access control.
  • Comprehensive route management information system.
  • Access and update information from anywhere - web access with standard browser.
SmartMech      Transaction Analysis
  • Extensive data analysis & reporting - detail & summary.
  • Web access with standard browser.
  • Third party access to reporting possible (e.g. Chains, Charities).
  • Export of data in industry standard formats.